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Wrinkle injections

What is it used for?
It can be used for a number of conditions and those treated here at Queensway Skin Clinic are detailed below:
  • for anti-ageing treatments – to soften lines and wrinkles
  • for brow and jowl lifting
  • to help with teeth clenching and grinding
  • to relax the upper lip in the case of a high smile line ('gummy smile')
  • in cases of excess sweating (hyperhydrosis)
  • to slim the lower face
  • in conjunction with dermal fillers for a non-surgical face lift
How does it work?

It works by reversibly targeting the small muscles of the face and damping down their contraction, thus softening lines and wrinkles. BTX also works in a similar way on sweat glands to stop the production of sweat.

When will it start working and how long does it last?

It takes two weeks for BTX to be fully effective, but you will notice the first changes after four to five days. The effects last three to four months depending on your response, but repeat treatments may last for longer. It is not immediately reversible but always gradually wears off.

Is everyone suitable for BTX treatment?

There are some groups of people who should not have BTX treatment. These include pregnant women, women who are currently breastfeeding and anyone with a neuromuscular disorder such as MS, myasthenia gravis or Eaton Lambert syndrome. In addition, people on certain medication may not be suitable for treatment. Rebecca will take a full medical and drug history from you as part of your assessment appointment to ensure that treatment is both safe and suitable for you.

Does BTX treatment hurt?

The treatment consists of a small number of tiny injections, given with a minimum of discomfort, which cause relaxation of the targeted muscles. There may be a small amount of swelling and redness afterwards but this generally settles very quickly.

Is BTX treatment safe?

Yes, as long as you are medically suitable it is extremely safe.

I have heard there are different types of BTX. Which one does Queensway Skin Clinic use?

The product used at Queensway Skin Clinic is Azzulure® (Galderma) which is one of the few FDA approved botulinum toxins on the market. It has been adapted from Dysport® which has a 20-year long history of product consistency and safety.

I don't want a frozen face!

BTX has had a bad reputation in the past for producing the 'frozen face' look. Rebecca is very keen to avoid this unnatural look and does so by not over-treating and so maintaining some natural looking movement whilst softening lines. It should not be obvious to people that you have had treatment – only that you look rested and fresh.

Botox® also has a number of other purposes and can help the following conditions:

Gummy Smiles Excess Sweating Tooth Clenching and Grinding