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ZO Skin Health Treatment

Carol felt her skin was dull and had concerns with pigmentation on her cheeks and blocked pores around her mouth and chin, giving this area a dark appearance. She went onto a ZO anti-aging and brightening regime and was delighted with the results. She is now on a maintenance programme to keep her skin in prime condition. Her before and after photograph were taken 8 months apart.

ZO Skin Health Treatment

Liz was concerned with sun damaged, oily skin which made her skin look uneven in tone and also gave her breakouts. She went onto an oil control, anti-aging and brightening regime based around topical retinol and was really pleased with the results. She is now on a ZO maintenance programme to keep her skin healthy and protected. Her before and after photographs were taken 7 months apart.

Treatment for gummy smiles

I came to see Rebecca for an excess gum show of 8mm. I had been to various specialist in the hope of treating this. All my previous consultations resulted in the only option was to have quite invasive surgery. However, after doing research myself, I came across Botox being used to treat this. After hours and hours of searching for trained specialists who did this I came across Rebecca at Queensway Skin Clinic.

From the moment I contacted your surgery I was dealt with very ...professionally and courteously by your reception staff. What made your service even better was the fact that I would not be charged for my initial consultation. I can't tell you how comfortable and relaxed Rebecca made me feel from the moment I walked through the door. I could tell instantly that she was interested in what my problem was and wanted to work with me to get the results I wanted. I was over the moon when Rebecca worked with me to get the best results she could.

I love the fact that Rebecca wants you to be in happy in the results and encourages you to say if you are not. Not once did I feel like I was being rushed like in previous practices. Rebecca had all the time in the world for me. What was really brilliant was that I had a follow up appointment booked in and I couldn't make this and Rebecca called me to have a chat over the phone. Absolutely amazing service.

I travel from near Nottingham to this surgery and it is a visit that I am happy to do. I can't tell you how great Rebecca has been and will definitely be recommending her to other people.

Combination Treatment

Elizabeth had a combination of treatments including dermal fillers in her cheeks and tear troughs areas, facial Skinboosters to deliver deep skin hydration and botulinum toxin to treat her frown lines and crows feet.

High Smile Line

Natalie hated her high smile line and the way it looked when she laughed. Rebecca used botulinum toxin to reduce her gum show at smile and also to smooth away her frown lines.

Lip Treatment

Amanda didn't like her thin upper lip but did not want a trout pout! Rebecca used a dermal filler specifically designed for lip treatment to subtly enhance and refresh her lips. She was delighted with the result.

Botulinum Toxin to treat crow's feet

Sue felt her crows feet were ageing when she smiled and also thought her eyes tended to disappear. Rebecca used botulinum toxin to smooth and soften these lines and give her wider, more youthful looking eyes.

Botulinum Toxin to treat frown lines

Sally was not keen on her frown and really wanted a softer look without having a frozen face. Rebecca used botulinum toxin to smooth her frown lines, giving her a fresher look whilst maintaining the movement of her eyebrows.

Dermal filler treatment to lower face (nasolabial and marionette lines)

Elizabeth did not like the lines from her nose to her mouth or underneath her mouth, she felt they aged her. Rebecca treated the area with dermal fillers to give her a fresher, tighter and brighter appearance.