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Treatments for Men

More men are now seeking treatment in order to look and feel better about themselves. The common complaint is that they look tired and/or angry and would like a fresher appearance without it being obvious to anyone that they have had treatment.

Here at Queensway Skin Clinic it is easy to help as we tailor treatment to individuals which is really important when treating men, as there are essential anatomical differences between male and female faces which must be taken into account when planning treatment.

For example, woman generally favour arched brows whilst the male brows are straighter and lower. Giving a man arched eyebrows over-feminises him, as would giving him high cheekbones or completely eliminating crows feet lines.

A common treatment area for men are the frown muscles - softening any lines between his brows will make him look less tired and angry, but his eyebrow architecture should be preserved. Another common request is to soften forehead lines which it is possible to do without treatment being obvious. Milder treatment can soften lines whilst still preserving facial movement - all of which helps to preserve a youthful, fresher, natural look.

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Before at Rest
After at Rest
Before at Frown
After at Frown

Caption: Dale* was tired of looking angry all the time but did not want his friends to know he had had any treatment. Rebecca treated his frown to soften the central line but still leave him with some natural movement. Dale was delighted.

*name has been changed to protect the client's identity