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Skin Health Care


Our skin is the canvas of our body that reveals the story of our life. From acne breakouts in our teenage years, to the radiant glow of pregnancy and the sunspots of ageing, both our age and health are reflected in our skin. Whether we like it or not, it is where we spot the first signs of ageing.

Our skin can have an influence on our confidence and well-being as well as affecting the quality of our lives. Many of us have experienced days when we have had to cover up and conceal unhealthy skin.

Skin is the third facet to facial rejuvenation alongside dermal filler and botulinum toxin. Our skin is the blank canvas for all other treatments. Without healthy skin we simply cannot look our best.

At Queensway Skin Clinic, skin health restoration is at the core of our clinical practice. By definition healthy skin is strong, smooth, even-toned, firm, naturally hydrated and disease free. Dr Uzma Olbrich and Dr Rebecca Hierons are passionate about finding individual solutions to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin – whatever your skin type, age and ethnicity.

We use a combined approach to maximise results for our patients. This includes prescription formulated skin care, chemical peels, wrinkle softeners and volume enhancement with dermal fillers. Together these methods provide both immediate and long-term improvements to rejuvenate skin.

Skin Evaluation

Our clinicians will provide a detailed personal consultation covering all aspects relevant to your individual aesthetic needs. We can work together to formulate a plan towards picking the best treatments to generate maximum results based on your budget. All plans are bespoke to our client's needs. For outstanding results we utilise results-driven medical grade products in individually tailored prescribed programmes.

Skin Health Ethos

At QSC we use the ZO® skin care prescription range to achieve disease free, healthy skin. These are the brainchild of Dr Zein Obagi, a world renowned dermatologist who has continuously advanced the science of skin health for more than 35 years. He redefined the concept of healthy skin, going beyond merely treating skin disease by bridging the gap between therapeutics and skin health. From Beverley Hills to the North East of England, we are excited to have his portfolio of products available at our clinic. Both Uzma and Rebecca have trained with Dr Obagi personally in London and Beverley Hills.


These products are amongst the most advanced skincare products available today. Incorporating the latest advances in cosmetic chemistry with unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and effective formulations (with retinol at the heart of them) that really deliver results.


ZO® Medical

Based on the latest scientific advances, these products and their accompanying protocols are exclusively provided by prescribing clinicians to treat a wide range of skin disorders. These include, sun damage, age spots, melasma (skin discolouration), acne and inflammatory disease such as rosacea.

ZO® Skin Health

A comprehensive array of products used as a daily skin care regime. They can maintain the results of therapeutic treatments and help support daily skin health and protect against the environment.

  • Product prices start from £tbc
  • ZO® Skin Health – entry level daily skincare from £tbc
  • ZO® Medical – programme prices from £tbc

**All programmes are subject to consultation **

Jeanette, 48

Queensway Skin Clinic treated Jeanette using a ZO Hydroquinone programme alongside a ZO 3-step stimulation peel to help pigmentation, broken capillaries, breakouts and general uneven skin tone.

I visited the Skin Clinic because my skin was in a dreadful state. It was inflamed, red, sore and I had started developing spots all over my nose, cheeks as well as a rash around my mouth whenever I dared to wear lipstick.

The texture of my skin was dreadfully creepy, especially on my cheeks and I had developed pock marks. I found myself trying more and more products to try to give me a rejuvenated look but whenever I used anything my face became sore and itchy, so I wanted a solution to my skin issues as well as the opportunity to look more youthful.

As soon as Uzma confidently diagnosed my issue as rosacea and offered a solution to it I honestly felt like I had no option but to go ahead with the plan. I was at my wits end and simply knowing what it was, that it was common and there was a treatment available, and that Uzma was so reassuring and confident meant it was a 'no brainer'.

I attended the clinic for the first time in January 2018 and started on the basic non-medical regime, aimed at removing emollients from my skin and getting it to function properly. Following that six week period I opted for the more aggressive medical route which lasted until August. It was quite a commitment to get to the end of the process and a bit of an endeavour at times but it was worth it in the end.

The results are amazing! My before and after photos speak for themselves. My skin is no longer irritated, red or inflamed and all of the damage caused by the rosacea is gone. The tone and colour of my skin is amazing and people often comment on how refreshed I look. I love it!

The staff are so warm and welcoming and Uzma inspires absolute faith and confidence. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Queensway Skin Clinic to anyone wanting to feel better in their skin.